Isobel Adderley

Isobel Adderley has recently graduated from the BA Fine Art Course from Goldsmiths University. Having lived and studied in both Leeds and London, she is now based in the South West of England.

Isobel’s creative ambition is to create a hybrid practice that exists in the space between and draws equally on contemporary art film-making, contemporary dance performance and music production.

Being fascinated by our preconception of the body and physical space as separate and opposing forces she attempts to blur or trouble these preconceptions in her work. Isobel uses film, sculpture, live performance and music production to directly impinge on the audience in different physical ways. Through doing this she hopes to be able to inhabit a broader space than only the gallery, and to draw audiences from contemporary art, dance and electronic music into new situations.

Isobel Adderley Posts

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