An art school without a building and making space in time

Prospectus is a pilot project exploring a new form of peripatetic art school for artists and audiences in the dispersed art community of Somerset.

The project brings together artists and explores how a cohort is formed over time, how allegiances develop, collaborations evolve as well as how individual practices are strengthened by peer support.

We then open our structure to a wider audience sharing a series of lectures, workshop sessions and critical discussions inviting artists and the general public.

Our central actions are:

  • to create a resource audio materials (listening/learning) to share and absorb collectively, whilst apart, and also whilst travelling.
  • to initiate a mutually beneficial arrangement with existing art school facilities in the area where artists can exchange teaching skills for use of facilities.
  • to organise a learning event in our home location, e.g. lecture, workshop and discussion.
  • collating our experiments on the website via blogs posts, our forum, audio resources and our events being marketed here.

Natalie Parsley, Fiona Hingston, Sue Palmer, Jenny Graham, Jon England and Isobel Adderley are working with Anna Best (Lead Artist) and Zoe Li (Programme Associate of SAW) to develop and deliver the project.

Prospectus is commissioned by Somerset Art Works with the support of the Lottery funding from Arts Council England.

For further information, please contact us on [email protected]

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