It’s been quite awhile since I wrote on this blog. I have been busy with exhibitions and projects. But running through them all has been my thoughts on Prospectus and how it may have altered my practice. Perhaps it has made me more open to new ideas but at the same time more uncertain as to what art is. It is changing, and I’m not entirely sure I’m changing with it. Not that I don’t work with new media or take on new ideas and processes. It’s simply that I feel  uncertain as to what issues I should be addressing in my work- or even want to address. I am political as  a person, but my work isn’t. Should it be?  And, is so, how would this be manifested in what I create? A lot of questions like this have arisen from my time with the other members of the Prospectus group. And I don’t have the answers: at least, not yet.



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