I see the internet as a kind of dancing partner with Artie Vierkant in his work. The concept he wishes to get across seems to rely on its method of communication but not be wholly about the matter of which he produces. His work entitled Image Objects (sculptures) [2015] seem to bring together this idea of reality and virtual with the lightest touch. These photos of perhaps made, perhaps unmade (physical) sculptures, decorated with motifs classically associated with computerised paint tools, seem to push us to believe these photos are both hyper-real and intensely reworked events all at the same time. The object in question becomes irrelevant when instead we are left gazing into our screens wondering whether or not this exists in ‘real life’ or in the space of alphanumeric code . The confusion arises when we know that both would mean physical existence of the work itself, but its annoyingly heterotopic location leaves us constantly guessing.

READ – The Image Object Post-Internet 

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