As part of Prospectus I am interested in learning of other models of alternative art schools, what is art education, what are the challenges faced by artists working today in relation particularly to the context of the ‘art school’ and how can/do artists or art collectives, by working together overcome some of these difficulties?

What place does the art school serve in our communities and towns? Both politically and socially.

How do artists learn?

Where do they learn once they have left ‘art school’?

How can we create an alternative art school model in the dispersed and rural community of Somerset?

What existing models or ideas of ‘the art school’ can we draw upon to aid professional development and create links within the community and wider art world context?

Just heard this on Sound Cloud:

“This episode of Paperweight Radio, themed The Art School, features art historian Beth Williamson on the Tate’s Art School Educated project; artist Matthew Cornford and literature scholar John Beck on the death of the regional art school, and their book The Art School and The Culture Shed; and writer Emily LaBarge on the role of the humanities in the art school.”


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