Zoe and I attended the launch of Groundwork, at Cornwall College in St Austell last Thursday (4 May.) This three year project, funded by the Arts Council Ambition for Excellence programme is working with universities, colleges and non-art partners in terms of investigating the changing landscape of Cornwall as a background for artistic research and production. It will end with a showcase of work by international artists in different locations across Cornwall next year.

It was very informative day with resonances to our Prospectus project; the value of research (and having enough time to do it,)  invitations to work along side historical/scientific/educational experts and organisations, informal gatherings/walks/talks and field trips.

We are thinking about our lecture programme – This day was well organised, speakers kept to allotted times, no glitches with technology and plenty of refreshment. What worked well here was the range of diverse speakers and the converging words and phrases that echoed across disciplines:

Open thinking, not tied down, framing a site, extended reverberations
Filtering research, keeping it open, don’t know what results will be.
Deep research space, interesting but scary.
Montage, layering up,
Assumptions washed away,
What is shared and why.
Processes in action.
Deep time imagining.
Extracting meaning to find knowledge.
How to share an experience.
Withdraw from the outside to inside.

It was a very interesting day for me, heightened by my involvement with Prospectus and by the conversations Zoe and I had on the journey to and from Cornwall. The questions that arise for me (and echoed in a previous blog by Natalie) is where does the kind of work I do sit in relation this kind of project…… how to bridge my desire to make (drawings, objects) with a more interconnected response to the culture and world I live in?

Groundwork Speakers.
Semiconductor http://semiconductorfilms.com/art/
Ellen Mara De Wachter  http://www.thecornwallworkshop.com/  will lead the next Cornwall Workshop on how to extract ideas and apply to the process of making, October ’17, open call.             See Listening and Learning for her talk on collaboration.
Abigail Reynolds, http://www.abigailreynolds.com/        See Listening and Learning for her podcast on a walk across the Lizard peninsula.
Sean Lynch http://www.seanlynchinfo.com/ very engaging speaker, diverse research strands that richly interconnected the local with global issues.
Adam Chodzko http://www.adamchodzko.com/ Zoe is working with him on a film weekend for Somerset Art Weeks this September.
Teresa Gleadowe http://www.thecornwallworkshop.com/teresa-gleadowe-2 Groundworks project leader.

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