Thank you mystery customer whom recommended this documentary during a recent bookshop encounter!

‘Imagine: Turning the Art World Inside Out’ begins at the 2013 Venice Biennale looking at the work of Japanese artist Shinichi Sawada. During this one hour documentary Alan Yentob seeks out contemporary examples to discuss the origins and existing practice of what, those within the art world somewhat paradoxically term, ‘outsider art’. What does it mean to be outside of art, what does it mean to be inside? In previous posts that I have written here, a consistent theme is one of anti-research, making for the compulsion of needing to make and generally rejecting the idea of an ‘art school’ in the traditional sense. Some ideas of which are similar to that of outsider art and art-making outside of the institution. It is contrary perhaps to the whole point of what we are doing on the project but I think it is important to question what is specific and unique about the art school model and what makes it different to groups, places where people are creative outside of it. The very term ‘art school’ implies a set of shared values, structural order or orthodoxy when it seems that sometimes it is these very conditions that can inhibit creativity rather than encourage it. Having been a part of it for quite some time, I feel quite rebellious toward the ‘art school’ model, thinking that the ‘alternative art school’ within the Prospectus project, going forward, should possibly reject the wording ‘school’ altogether.

I like the idea posed at the beginning of this film, that an ‘outsider artist’ is someone who works literally outside, as in a field, the back garden, a park or a balcony.

What is creativity, why and where does it happen? Are equally relevant questions that help discuss some of these ideas further…


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