That’s how I felt after a week working with fellow Prospectus artists. In a way I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t.

I applied for a place on this project because of the nagging feeling that my work in its present form, had reached a point where it could go no further – here was a chance to access input from a variety of sources: artists, lecturers, curators, along with time to experiment using new materials and processes all in the spirit of working as a group.

Some would have liked more ‘doing time’ and less talking, but as someone who spends much of her time working alone I relished the conversation that took place. Not all of it was understood and I was left with as many questions as answers, a sign to me, that I’m not in the same place as when I started this project.

So I left the school knowing definitely that it was time to move on, off, sideways, up, down, forward…….any which way, so long as it wasn’t back.

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