Residue from jumping on apples

Part of an hour’s walk around the car park.

i have spent the last week since our Prospectus residency trying to finish work for a forthcoming exhibition. All my mental energy has been focussed on this task with not much head space for reflection on our week together at Huish Episcopi School.

We spent five days together of extensive introspection and expression. I woke up each morning with feelings of both excitement and trepidation. At times during discussions of art theory I felt out of my depth and slightly stupid, as though I didn’t always ‘get the point’. But when we began to do things and be involved in workshops I came alive and felt happy and empowered to be able to return to speaking in a visual language rather than a verbal one. I felt that the whole had a wonderful energy during those periods when sharing skills and making seemed to answer more questions than talking.

I have learned a lot and questioned a lot. I have understood more about contemporary creative practice. I have understood more about time based art and explored different materials. I am considering my own practice and how I might be able to make it more relevant to the world around me. I am keen to experiment with a range of new materials . I think I will jump on more apples.

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