Listening to words that may get forgotten but surface later.

Grey shadows and orange feet.
Drawn to the floor.
Deciding quickly.

Photocopying: enlarging, shrinking, fading, blackening, screwing up text and imagery.

Leaving the studio door closed.
Absorbing difference: in ages, in practice, in outlook.
Realising that there is more to be gained than lost and things you thought might matter, don’t.

Shutting your mouth.

Accepting the fragility of your language but grateful that it will/may be understood.
Silencing (at times) the monkey on your shoulder.

Driving to and from.
Missed opportunities.

Opportunities that may come later.

No internet, no news on the hour, no babble.
Conversations outside the classroom.
Needing to be on your own.

Making tea in a pot instead of a mug.

Knowing when it’s enough.
Silence, when talking stops and doing takes over.
Going through the motions and resenting it.
When your head can’t hold anymore.

Losing time.
Gaining confidence to attempt the unthinkable.
Ready for it to end.


crossings out

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