While we were on our ‘art school’ adventure at Huish Episcopi, I was interested to see what programming coincided with our interest in how to get an art education, how to be inspired and develop as an artist.

Book of the Week was John Berger’s extraordinary work ‘And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos’. Such an inspiring reminder of how brilliant and distinctive John Berger was at articulating art and culture in language; for example, his insights into Caravaggio as a painter is completely illuminating (Episode 5).

Listen again to the five Episodes:

John Berger – And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos’ – only available until May 5th 2017.

Simon McBurney – a close friend of the late art critic and writer who died in January – reads John Berger’s most personal book: part essay, part poetry collection, part memoir & love letter. McBurney also shares memories of Berger and the house and landscape that inspired the book in the early 1980s. Harriet Walter reads Berger’s poetry.


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