Our Notes

A collection of thoughts and reflections from project artists, aiming to capture and record the experiences of their learning journeys.

A postcard from which everything else comes

I picked up a postcard that I've always been interested in. It was sent to me by another artist, Katie Etheridge, after a project I'd helped her with.  And it was a card that she had chosen very astutely for me with elements that I tend towards - nature, horses,...

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Binge Thinking (part 1)

Sometimes I think too much. Sometimes I don’t think deeply enough. When presented with an opportunity to connect with other people working within the arts I was thirsty for ideas, discussion and words.   But thoughts can be like drinking and heady ideas processed...

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School’s Out!

School, S'Cool, Skool, Shoal, School... (only dead fish swim with the stream...) Whenever we think of a school, it is useful to remind ourselves that the meaning of the word has undergone many transformations, and the root of the English word school can be found in...

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Jon England introducing his work

On Tuesday 11th April, Jon led a session introducing his work, and then took us through a process of experimentation with some of the materials and processes he uses, including drawing with milk, boot polish and then baking it in an oven to transform tones and...

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Some rules, some thoughts, some starters

I have never been to art school. I always wanted to go to art school. I was told by my art teacher when I was 11 in Somerset that I wasn't good at drawing; I've never quite forgiven the system. I joined a radical youth theatre and went into performance, but I have...

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